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Washing the Car


For Matte Finish Vehicles

Vehicles with a matte finish require special care. With the distinctive appearance of each car, special maintenance is required to allow the exterior coating to continue to diffuse the light and keep its flat appearance. Continue reading to find out how best to take care of your car with our Matte Finish Customer Care Kit

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Don't know where to start or just looking to learn some Pro-tips? Click the button below for a step-by-step guide on how and when to use your new products with our Matte Finish Customer Care Kit car cleaning guide.

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Auto Hand Washing Detergent


1. Ensure vehicle surface is cool to the touch and out of direct           sunlight. Do NOT wash in direct sunlight.

2. Add 1.5-2 oz. of Premium Wash-N-Wax per kit bucket.

3. Pre-rinse vehicle to cool down surface and remove loose dirt     and debris.

4. Soak the Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt in the Water Wax   solution then wash the vehicle lightly, working in small sections   from the top to the bottom in a forward and backward motion   using light pressure. When you finish a section, rinse the area   before moving on to the next section.

5. Rinse the Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt with clean water   between each section to prevent scratches caused by dirt and   other contaminants from the vehicle.

6. Dry with a premium microfiber towel.



With Hybrid Ceramic!


1. Clean the exterior prior to application for best results.
    a. For best results, apply to paint that is cool and out of the sun.

2. Spray product generously onto microfiber towel and wipe onto   surface (3’ X 3’ sections)

4. Work a section at a time until vehicle is completely coated.
    *Also great for use on plastics, glass, and metal.

This product can be layered for added finish protection.

Streak-Free Glass Cleaner-Kaleb (5).HEIC


Streak-Free Formula

1. Spray directly onto glass, chrome or mirror surface.
2. Wipe away with a premium microfiber towel or squeegee.
      a. For moisture sensitive areas like navigation screens, spray   directly onto premium microfiber towel and wipe. 
3. Use dry side of towel to clear up excess and provide a shine.

PRO TIP: Use the two towel method. First clean with a cotton terry   towel, follow with a dry microfiber towel.



Vinyl/Rubber Dressing

Directions (Tires):
1. Clean surface with all Water Wax, let dry completely.
2. Spray product on applicator pad, work product onto surface.
3. Remove any excess from the wheel with a clean towel.

PRO TIP: Apply VPR Dressing to a brush/applicator pad and then   apply to the tire to avoid touching the rim and  matte finish surfaces.

Directions (Vinyl/Rubber/Plastics):

1. Clean surface with all purpose cleaner, let dry completely.

2. Use VPR Dressing to mist one section at time and wipe evenly with microfiber cleaning cloth. -OR- Mist VPR Dressing onto applicator sponge taking care to apply only to surfaces being treated.

3. Spread evenly to ensure complete coverage.
PRO TIP: Spray/wipe on a cool surface. 


Pro Guide For Matte Finish

Read Below for Information from the experts:

  • Always wash and dry the vehicle yourself for best results.

  • Premium Microfiber Wash Mitts and Premium Microfiber Towels for drying cloths are a must. Poor quality, dirty toweling will create swirls and scratches that can’t be removed from a matte finish.

  • 2 Buckets with grit guards in both buckets will also help reduce the chance of scratching.

  • We do not recommend using clay, polishes, compounds or swirl removers on matte finishes. If you do use a compound or swirl remover, the finish will begin to look blotchy and uneven. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove scratches, swirls, stains or any other below surface defect in matte finishes, so they key is to use the right product and techniques to start with.

  • Traditional waxes or paste waxes should not be used as they may also change the appearance of the matte finish. They could create blotchy and uneven appearance.

  • Spray Waxes, like Final Protectant with Hybrid Ceramic are safe to use  and work great to add protection without changing the appearance of the matte finish. Make sure to use a clean Premium Microfiber Towel  to ensure a scratch and swirl free finish.

Washing the Car

Pro Guide For Matte Finish

Read Below for Additional Information

  • Do not use terry-cloth, cloth or paper towels on the painted surface. Do not rub the finish vigorously, this will burnish the paint finish, causing a permanent shiny spot. Shiny spots cannot be removed.

  • Do not use mechanical cleaners or polishers.

  • Remove foreign substances such as insect remains, tar and road debris using a soft applicator and a mild solvent. Saturate and soak the area before cleaning-rub lightly.

  • Hand wash with a soft wash mitt and a mild cleaning product safe for matte paint.

  • Use microfiber cleaning cloths with an alcohol based window cleaner for basic surface clean-up.

  • Do not use products that are even mildly abrasive, such as polishes, glazes, or rubbing components.

  • Use only products specifically developed for matte finish paint. 

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