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Accutabs 3" Chlor Tabs. 60 lbs.  Accu-Tab tablets, which are 1 ¼-inch thick, are composed of calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo), a versatile and effective chemical for delivering chlorine into water.

Sold In: PL-CHL50 (50#)

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Acid Magic is a full strength muriatic-based product formulated to ship, use and store easier than standard muriatic acid.

Sold In: PL-ACI01 (1 gallon), PL-ACI05 (5 gallon), PL-ACI15 (15 gallon), PL-ACI55 (55 gallon)

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Acid-Rite Tablets are a solid chemical tablet made of Sodium Bisulfate acid that provides an extremely effective alternative to standard liquid hydrochloric acid pH adjustment

Sold In: PL-AR45 (45#)



Alkalinity Builder is an essential element in maintaining pH stability. Alkalinity Builder is a fast dissolving sodium bicarbonate granular. Use to increase total alkalinity to safe (non-corrosive) levels. Recommended levels are 125 ppm, but a range of 110 ppm - 140 ppm is acceptable. Stops eye irritation, equipment corrosion and plaster etching caused by low alkalinity.

Sold In: PL-ALK50 (50#)

Cardboard Boxes


Calcium hardness is a common reference in pool chemistry. The recommended level for calcium hardness is 200-400 ppm, and both high and low levels result in swimming pool problems. Low calcium hardness results in corrosive water. The plaster surfaces in tile grout softens and erodes, metal equipment and accessories rust quickly, and water becomes aggressive. The calcium hardness level can simply be increased through the addition of Calcium Increaser (contains calcium).

Sold In: PL-CALI50 (50#)



Defoamer instantly removes unwanted foam from spas and hot tubs. This concentrated, stable formula provides long-term antifoaming results for quick defoaming action and external foam prevention.

Sold In: PL-DEFO32 (32oz), PL-DEFO05 (5 gallon)