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Blending and Packaging

Chemical Blending and Compounding

Sky Blue's chemical compounders work hand in hand with the chemistry department to ensure high quality and consistent chemical blending. Calibrated scales are used to measure every pound of the formula and software ensures that every part of the bill of materials is included. 


After blending, the work-in-process chemistry is transported to various packaging stations in the plant. From totes to small bottles, our team quickly and effectively packages, labels, and palletizes finished product and prepares for storage or shipment


Since our humble beginnings in 1963, we have switched out our milk-tank blenders and funnels for high-capacity poly tanks and state-of-the-art filler lines, boxers, labelers, and more. Our crew is highly trained to utilize the automation to crank out high quality product at very efficient speeds. 

Quality Control

With a full R&D and QC staff, we meticulously review and test every product that leaves the building. Strict lotting and sample storage procedures are followed to solve any problems if they arise.

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