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Bug Remover is the newest, most advanced technology in emulsifying and removing stubborn dried-on insects from all vehicle surfaces. Seasonal bugs can be one of the most difficult things to remove for all car wash operations. Bug Remover safely removes all insects and provides a rich purple foam with a grape fragrance.

Sold in: BUG05 (5 gallon), BUG15 (15 gallon), BUG55 (55 gallon)

RTU Detailer Line: BUG32 (32oz 6X1 case)

VOC Compliant

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Reclaim Oxidizer is a water reclaim oxidizer designed to eliminate foul odors.

Sold In: 5 gallon (REOX05), 15 gallon (REOX15), 55 gallon (REOX55).

VOC Compliant

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Triumph is a concentrated liquid tire/engine cleaner designed for use in self-serve car washes and automated wheel cleaners. Safe and effective at removing grease, soil, and break dust from the dirtiest wheels and engines. Triumph’s bright yellow foam and pine fresh scent are sure to please customers.

Sold in: 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon, 275 gallon

VOC Compliant